Image Essentials weight loss programs!


Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a state of the art rapid weight loss program!

Medication Program

Our Medication Program is based on Phentramine and Topiramate and has been used for many years!


Our LipoVite programs are based on Lipotropic Injections (LipoVite) amino acids that speed up the weight loss program and make your weight loss journey more efficient.


Our Multivitamins are designed to help you reach optimal health through essential and vital amino acids!

Image Essentials Weight Loss offers more than just HCG, Phentramine, Lipovite and Multivitamins, We offer diet plans, a free 30 day gym trial membership to Snap Fitness of Kingsport, unlimited weigh-ins, free love from Lady our mascot (a greyhound) and a family atmosphere to help push you, motivate you and make you part of our family here at Image Essentials Weight Loss Clinics.

Image Essentials has two weight loss clinic locations to help you meet your weight loss and fitness goals! We have a weight loss clinic in Bristol TN, and a weight loss clinic in Kingsport TN. Both locations are committed to helping you attain your goals, while making you feel apart of our family!

All Image Essentials Weight Loss Programs Include:

  1. Professional Medical Supervision
  2. Complete Medical History and Physical Exam
  3. Unlimited Weekly Weigh-Ins With Our Counselors
  4. Diet, Water and Exercise Counseling
  5. 30 Day Free Trial Membership to Snap Fitness of Kingsport

We Have New products Coming Soon to help with the following: General Health, Male & Female Vitality, Hormone Therapy, Libido, Sleep, Stress, Depression, Genetic Test!