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Weight Loss Clinic
Bristol, TN

The #1 Weight Loss Clinic in Bristol, TN

For over 17 years, the Image Essentials Weight Loss Clinic in Bristol, TN has helped clients lose over 250,000 pounds by helping them regain confidence and happiness. Unlike most traditional weight loss programs and centers, we are not slow to deliver results! The team at Image Essentials is unlike any other. Our clinical team, collectively with our Kingsport location, has over 75 years of medical weight loss experience and we are not just staff…we are all on the program as well! This is what separates us from most…we know first hand how to manage the tough obstacles and offer our clients unlimited access to any of us for support, questions and motivation.

Changing and Saving Lives

We believe in changing and saving lives through our programs, fitness and nutrition counseling. Our mission is to help you achieve and maintain your ideal normal body weight by guiding you through the process of gaining health and getting fit.

Collectively with our Kingsport Location, we have helped our patients lose over 400,000 pounds! That is amazing in and of itself, and we’re very proud of that, but we don’t believe in losing weight for the sake of losing weight. Too often, when people lose weight, they end up gaining it right back. When that happens, people tend to lose hope and give up. Our goal is to restore hope by empowering you to lose weight and keep it off once and for all.

Community Involvement

We are locally owned and operated and devoted community supporters. Our team and clients have enjoyed supporting our organizations including our local Humane Society, Marsh Blood Group, the Boys and Girls Club and Silver Sneakers.

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Medical Supervision​

Every client receives a physical exam with complete medical history.
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Professional Counseling​

As an Image Essentials client, you’ll have access to professional diet, water and exercise counseling.
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Unlimited Weigh-ins

Receive unlimited weekly weigh-ins with our professional counselors.

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